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Understanding Soft Tissue Injuries After a Car Accident

Following a car accident, most people are generally taken aback by what’s just happened and are often left in a state of shock. Typically, our bodies automatically go into “fight or flight” mode, where suddenly we’re running on pure adrenaline. So, it comes as no surprise that, because of the way our bodies react in traumatic situations, we tend to not realize we are injured even days after the accident has occurred. If you were recently involved in a car crash, chances are you’ve sustained some type of physical or mental damage. Whether it was minor or severe, even the lowest impact car casualties can cause harm.

Effects of Soft Tissue Injuries

The most common injury following a car accident is a soft tissue injury. Soft tissue refers to the tissues that support and connect the surrounding structures and organs of the body. Injuries occur when damage is created by sudden trauma, such as a fall or blow to the body, also known as an acute injury. For example, if you are driving and come to an unexpected stop, the sudden force of movement puts great stress on your joints and other parts of the body.

The most damaged area of the body after a car accident is usually the head, as it was forcefully and abruptly thrown back and forth. Neck muscles are not meant for this type of sudden movement, which can result in reduced mobility, bruising, and swelling. Remember: these injuries often don’t show up immediately; symptoms are typically delayed a few hours and sometimes even days or weeks, depending on the situation.

The following are common types of soft tissue injuries resulting from a car accident:

  • Whiplash – a type of neck or head injury. Conditions often include stiffness, soreness, sharp pains, and cognitive issues.
  • Sprains can occur when there is a tear or stretch of a ligament. Symptoms can include swelling, cramping, inflammation, or muscle tenderness.
  • Contusions – the medical term for a bruise. Bruises are caused by a direct blow to the body, resulting in muscle fibers and tissues breaking apart or crushing.
  • Sprains – a stretch or tear of a ligament. When ligaments are damaged, your joints won’t be safely supported. Areas of the body that are most susceptible to a sprain are wrists, knees, and ankles.

Seeking Help After a Soft Tissue Injury

Moderate or minor soft tissue injuries are often treated with the “R.I.C.E.” (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) method. However, in more severe cases, damages can be healed best through pain management therapy or physical rehabilitation. Our professional team at QualCare Rehabilitation and Allied Medical Centers provides compassionate care to all our clients. We are dedicated to putting you on the right path of improvement and will work hard to make your recovery as easy and smooth as possible. If you or someone you know has suffered a soft tissue injury resulting from a car accident, don’t hesitate to contact our office for medical guidance and services.

In addition, if you experienced an injury with delayed symptoms, it may be difficult to recover compensation for desired medical treatments. For this reason, it’s best to consult an attorney to discuss possible legal options.

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