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Can Chiropractic Treatment Help Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a chronic, progressive disease in which the bones become brittle and prone to fracture. For this reason, many are under the mistaken impression that chiropractic is not a good treatment option, and that it could be dangerous. However, as musculoskeletal experts, chiropractic physicians are uniquely situated to treat osteoporosis. Many osteoporosis patients are good candidates for chiropractic, depending on their overall health, age, and the stage of their osteoporosis.

A skilled chiropractor uses a combination of techniques to help osteoporosis patients. Spinal adjustments and manipulations, relaxation techniques, and rehabilitative exercises are all part of a customized treatment regimen. Individuals with more advanced osteoporosis may benefit from soft tissue techniques to address pain symptoms.

Apart from pain relief, chiropractic care can help patients build strength and prevent falls. Patients can often increase their mobility and range of motion, which may help protect them from falling in the future. Falling is the most common cause of spinal compression fractures in osteoporosis patients. This danger makes it very important for patients to adhere to treatment protocols, such as doing bone-building exercises and taking dietary supplements.

I Have Osteoporosis. Am I a Good Candidate for Chiropractic Treatment?

If you’ve been diagnosed with osteoporosis and are seeking relief from your symptoms, chiropractic treatment may help. You should coordinate your care with your primary care doctor, orthopedist, and/or any other healthcare providers involved in the treatment of your osteoporosis. 

Your chiropractic treatment program will be specifically tailored to fulfill your needs. Our goal is to help you live pain-free, with the highest possible level of function and independence.

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