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How Common Are Football Concussions?

The brain is the most complex and powerful organ in your body. It’s also soft, and if you hit your head hard enough, can bounce and twist inside your skull. When the brain is jerked around rapidly inside the skull, it can create a traumatic brain injury, called a concussion.

The more you engage in rough physical activity or sports, particularly the kind that involve hits to the head, the more likely concussions become. As many know, one of the sports where concussions are most common is football. As Vox points out, the NFL’s own statistics indicate that the average amount or preseason and regular season concussions between 2012 and 2018 ranged from 214 to 281 a year.

While many may simply look at that as the price for playing the game and receiving all the fame and money that comes with it, repeated concussions can have serious repercussions on a person’s health. During the impact that causes a concussion, neurons in the brain become stretched and damaged. This may cause someone to have problems with their vision, i.e. “see stars,” and to become sensitive to lights and noise, struggle with balance, concentration, and memory, and experience fatigue, dizziness, nausea, and ongoing headaches. In some cases, concussions may even result in mood changes. In brief, concussions can seriously alter a person’s brain chemistry, and repeated concussions overtime are only more likely to do this.

In the NFL, the end result of multiple concussions can be a condition called CTE. A degenerative brain disease caused by repeated head injuries, hundreds of football players have received postmortem diagnoses for CTE in recent years. But the problem doesn’t stop at the NFL. New research indicates that youth football can actually lead to brain problems later in life, too. And even with more and more parents not wanting their children to play tackle football, one study found that concussion rates for children under 19 who play football have still doubled over the last decade. Meanwhile, in college football, concussions make up 7.4% of all injuries.

It is hard to say whether football’s concussion problem has gotten worse overtime, or whether it always existed and medical science is only now catching up to it. While many would agree that American football has only become more aggressive and dangerous as it’s become more popular, recent rules have also been implemented to impose serious penalties and fines for flagrant helmet-to-helmet-hits. Regardless, on this Superbowl month, there are a few things which are extremely clear. Football remains incredibly popular, and concussions remain an incredibly common part of the game.

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