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When to Choose Physical Therapy Over Pain Medication

While pills can be an effective way to manage pain for a period of time, it’s important to know when to choose physical therapy over pain medication. Most medication is designed to help you live with pain for a short while, not to treat it in the long-run. On top of this, with more and more people dying as a result of the opioid epidemic every year, it’s extremely important to know when to seek other pain management options, such as physical therapy.

You should consider physical therapy for your injury if:

  • You want to do more than just mask pain: Opioids and other pain medications reduce the sensation of pain when you take them, numbing your body to signals being sent to your brain. The problem is that when your brain cannot get these signals, you have no idea how your body actually feels. With physical therapy, you will be able to use movement and exercises designed to improve mobility, strengthen muscles, and bring functionality back to your body, without masking the pain receptors it needs to keep in touch with your mind.
  • You have been dealing with pain for over 90 days: When you have had continuous pain for over 90 days, your pain condition can be described as “chronic.” Medications are sometimes used to treat chronic pain, but again, they can only do so much, and may ultimately prevent you from knowing what condition your body is really in. That’s why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has deemed treatments like physical therapy preferable to opioids, stating that "clinicians should consider opioid therapy only if expected benefits for both pain and function are anticipated to outweigh risks to the patient."
  • You have been taking medication but are ready to stop: The fact is that for serious injuries, your doctor may prescribe opioids and other pain medication for recovery porpoises. Yet it is important to know when to stop, as your body builds up a tolerance to these medications overtime, increasingly the possibility that you will need them to function, and become addicted. If you have been taking opioids for several months but are ready to ween yourself off, talk to a qualified medical professional about other pain management options. You may not feel better right away, but with some time and work, your body will improve, and thank you for making this healthy choice.

At QualCare Rehabilitation, our team of experienced physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, and other pain management professionals believe that long-term relief from pain is possible. That’s why we offer a range of treatments for various injuries, so we can customize a solution that is optimal for you. Remember, recovery is within your reach. Just call our Houston injury rehab center today.

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