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Tips for Successful Sports Injury Rehabilitation

When you play sports, you want to be an active participant contributing to personal and/or team goals, not sidelined with injury. The fact is, almost every athlete will sustain some type of sports injury at some point, particularly those who participate in contact sports. With quality sports injury rehab, you can get back in the rink, arena, field, or wherever you participate in your athletic endeavors, as quickly and safely as possible.

With early diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation, many athletes achieve pain relief and even restore their bodies to pre-injury condition. However, successful sports injury rehab takes effort on your part. You can accelerate your recovery if you are an active participant in your rehabilitation and commit to the treatment plan laid out by your multidisciplinary team.

Avoid Aggravating Your Injury

This means don’t push it. You are likely itching to get back to your sport, but pushing yourself to participate too soon can undo all the work you’ve done to get back to pre-injury condition, and even make your injury worse.

Comply with Your Treatment Program

Your treatment team will advise you on the content of your rehabilitation program and the expected course it will take. It is up to you to comply with these guidelines and come to your scheduled appointments, do your at-home exercises, and actively work towards getting better as quickly as you can. Your program will also follow a specific sequence determined by your body’s healing response.

Cultivate a Positive Attitude

Have you ever heard that your attitude can impact how you recover from an injury or illness? Having a “can do” mindset helps you stick to your program, even on days when you don’t feel motivated. Injured athletes who enthusiastically participate in their treatment regimen are less likely to reinjure themselves, too.

Set Realistic Goals

You may have been told your injury will keep you sidelined for months. You likely balked at the idea of sitting out for a month or even an entire season, but it’s important to realize your recovery is dependent on you being patient and following your doctors’ advice.

Use Pain Medication with Caution

Painkillers may be a necessary component of your treatment regimen, but they must be used appropriately and with a distinct regard for the potential benefits versus the risks. While painkillers can help decrease symptoms of pain, edema, and allow your exercise-based rehab program to proceed, some painkillers have abuse potential. Consult with your sports injury rehabilitation team for advice on how to prevent physical and/or psychological dependence.

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