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"Muscle Memory": Fact or Fiction

Is Muscle Memory Real? (And Is it Causing My Pain?)

While “muscle memory” is a misnomer, it refers to a very real physical phenomenon. To be sure, our muscles don’t actually have memory, but our brains learn to perform specific motions or tasks a certain way and we can subconsciously develop habits in the way we sit, walk, sleep, and move around. Contrary to what the name suggests, muscle memory is all in your head.

Can Physical Therapy Undo Muscle Memory?

Yes! Much of physical therapy is about restoring normal, functional movement patterns in order to prevent further injury and re-teach the body to move in a healthy way. For example, if you come into QualCare Rehabilitation looking for back pain relief, one of the first things our physical therapists will do is perform a movement assessment. Then, once we identify the root issue, we will teach you to consciously perform certain motions correctly and help you learn to move without re-injuring or straining your lower back.

Physical therapy is absolutely essential in healing a wide variety of injuries, including:

Compassionate, Effective Chiropractic Injury Care in Houston

When an accident, repeated strain, or poor movement habits hurt you, rest assured you are not doomed to live in pain. If you have sustained a painful injury over time, it could be because your brain has learned unhealthy motion patterns that put stress on certain parts of your body, such as your neck or shoulders. However, such motion patterns can also be un-learned and replaced with new ones, so that you can be as healthy, active, and pain-free as you want to be.

When you come to QualCare Rehabilitation, we can help you restore functional movement and re-learn motion patterns that will prevent future injury and alleviate pain now.

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