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Are Ankle Problems Causing My Knee Pain?

Knee pain can come from a variety of sources, including tendinitis, IT Band Syndrome, a torn meniscus, and more. In fact, knee pain can be a side effect of problems in other areas of the body, such as the back, hips, or feet. If you have a history of ankle problems or have suffered an ankle injury of some sort, that could also factor into the knee pain you are experiencing.

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Connection Between Ankle Problems and Knee Pain

Many people tend to pronate their ankle to some degree while walking, running, or performing other physical activity. If you have “flat feet” you may be inclined to walk or run with your ankle rolls slightly inward. Sometimes this is a habit learned in order to compensate for flat-footedness or other issues, but other times it occurs because of the physiology of the ankle. Regardless of the reason, over-pronation of the ankle can cause the lower leg to become inwardly inclined and place extra stress on the knee.

Can a Sprained Ankle Cause Knee Pain?

If you have recently sprained your ankle, the tendons, ligaments, and other bones and structures connected to your knee can experience greater pressure. As a result, your knee may become unstable, and some of your ligaments could be experiencing painful stretching and strain. This not only makes normal use of the knee painful, it could even set you up for serious knee injury in the future.

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