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Can Chiropractic Care Help with My Jaw Injury?

Jaw Injuries Are Common in Car Accidents

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) is a well-known source of jaw pain for many people, often thought to be the result of grinding, tooth damage, and other tooth problems. However, what many people don’t know is that TMJ is most often a developed condition that can be caused by traumatic force to the head, neck, or directly to the jaw. This kind of blow is often experienced in accidents involving:

  • Motor vehicles (boats, trains, bicycles, cars, etc.)
  • Heavy machinery (in and outside the workplace)
  • Violent disasters (explosions, earthquakes, etc.)

How Chiropractic Care Can Help with Jaw Pain and Injuries

TMJ can (and often does) develop in conjunction with problems like whiplash, which violently throws the head back and forth, painfully straining the surrounding joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, including the jaw. It also develops from tooth problems and teeth-grinding, which wears down the shock-absorbing cartilage in your jaw and throws its essential cartilage out of alignment.

Because the state of your jaw is directly connected to the state of your neck and back, having a chiropractor identify the source of your discomfort and align your spine can help relieve much of the pain you experience. Whether you need chiropractic injury treatment, spinal decompression therapy, or any other rehabilitative neck, back, and jaw treatment, our team of experts is here to help.

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Connect with our team at QualCare Rehabilitation today if you have sustained a jaw injury in a car crash or other accident. Depending on the nature of your condition or injuries, we may be able to help you with a jaw adjustment and put together a tailored plan to resolve the pain you are experiencing.

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