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Rethink Chiropractors for Back Pain

Significant back pain is a common complaint for many people, and they may seek a number of treatments and therapies from their doctor. One such treatment may be spinal manipulation, performed by a chiropractor. Doctors are beginning to rethink their biases against chiropractors, and their services are being recommended to treat back pain more and more often.

Chiropractors have long been considered to be a sham by many physicians, but recent studies have begun to change the widely held views on chiropractic therapy. Recent studies have found that chiropractic therapy can reduce back pain and improve function. More physicians are taking the latest findings to heart, and are referring patients to chiropractors for noninvasive treatment of back pain.

There are some concerns about the dangers of chiropractic therapy, which may still cause some doctors to be hesitant to provide referrals to a chiropractor. There is little evidence that chiropractic therapy can cause spinal injuries from improper manipulations, and there were no serious adverse effects reported in recent studies on the effects of chiropractic care. Cost may also be a concern for some patients and their doctors, as many insurance companies don’t cover chiropractic services. Invasive treatments and medications can also be costly, and the effects and recovery time can be strong negative factors to more traditional treatment.

When referring a patient to a chiropractor, physicians must consider the expense, but they also need to weigh the possible benefits and issues of different therapies to find the right fit for their patient. There isn’t a large amount of knowledge among doctors about how spinal manipulation actually works to ease pain, so they may be hesitant to recommend a therapy they do not understand. Traditional therapies can have unexpected outcomes and are not always well understood by doctors.

There is a movement towards finding the least invasive treatment that is effective, which has many more doctors turning to other methods to control pain, including heat, acupuncture, and chiropractic therapy. These therapies focus on supporting the body as it heals, allowing patients to recover without the risks of invasive treatments or potentially addictive medications.

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