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Preventing Repetitive Motion Injuries in the Kitchen

Repetitive motion injuries are easy to sustain without realizing, and they can greatly affect those who work in kitchens or other areas of the foodservice industry. Repetitive motion injuries, like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, can occur from overuse of a specific motion or poor body mechanics. Injuries such as these often result in pain, numbness, tingling, weakness, and a loss of dexterity. These tips can help you avoid the strain of repetitive motion injuries while working in the kitchen.

Avoid Repetitive Wrist Motion

For those who work in a kitchen, their wrists do a considerable amount of work. Repetitive motions such as chopping, stirring, and kneading can cause injury. Frequent and repeated flexion and extension of the wrist can cause friction and strain on the meridian nerve. When working in the kitchen, try to keep your wrist straight, and use tools with ergonomic grips. Wrist braces can also help to support the wrist and limit repetitive motion.

Avoid Mechanical Stress at the Palm

Repeated pressure can also cause injury for those who work in kitchens. If you are working at a countertop, try to avoid resting your wrists or forearms on the edge of your work surface. You should also use cooking tools that do not place pressure on your hands or wrists. If available, use machinery or tools to perform tasks, rather than using your hands.

Avoid Forceful Gripping and Pinching

Opening cans, jars, and bottles can cause repetitive strain on your hands. Use adaptive tools, such as can openers and jar grips can help reduce the strain and lower your chances of injury. Similarly, tools with thicker handles can reduce the amount of pressure you need to hold the tool. Look for adaptive or ergonomic grip versions of tools you regularly use to protect your hands and arms from repetitive stress.

If you're experiencing pain while performing your daily tasks, you may have a repetitive motion injury. Our Houston work injury rehab center can help you find pain-free work solutions and treat your injuries. Contact QualCare Rehabilitation to learn how we can help you.