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How Soon Should I See a Doctor After a Work-Related Injury?

Whether you suffered a minor or serious injury on the job or while performing work duties, you should seek medical treatment immediately after the incident.

Being treated right after an injury serves the following two purposes:

  • Early treatment results in quicker recovery time from your injuries
  • The faster you obtain treatment after a work accident, the less room it gives your employer (or its insurance provider) to argue that your injuries are not work-related

It is imperative not to try to “walk it off” or downplay the severity of your injuries. Doing any of these things will delay or impeded your recovery and negatively affect the amount of benefits you receive from workers’ compensation.

Getting Treatment after a Work Injury

As soon as an injury is reported to your employer, manager, or supervisor, he or she will typically send you to one of the company doctors. Although it is perfectly fine to be treated by company physicians, it is in your best interest to see your own. Remember, company doctors are looking out for the best interests of the company. In Texas, injured workers can choose their own doctors.

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