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Top 6 Most Common Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries do not just happen on worksites one might already assume are dangerous, such as construction sites or labs that expose workers to toxic chemicals. Injuries can occur anywhere and at any time if an employer fails to provide a reasonably safe environment for all employees, or if an employee does not exercise enough caution while on the job.

Here are some of the most common workplace injuries, which are often avoidable if proper safety rules and regulations are put in place:

  • Slips, Trips, and Falls: No matter where you work, tripping and falling is a common injury that can be easily avoided by controlling the risks. For example, employers should ensure that all spills are cleaned promptly and cupboard drawers are kept closed to keep people from tripping.
  • Hit by Falling Objects: If a workplace is poorly organized and objects are not secured in place, employees can sustain injuries from being struck by falling objects. This can cause minor injuries, such as cuts or bruises, but it can also lead to more serious injuries, including concussions or blindness.
  • Cuts and Lacerations: From paper trimmers to power saws, a number of office implements can lead to serious lacerations or cuts if employers do not provide adequate training, safety equipment and protection, or proper safety procedures.
  • Toxic Fumes: Sometimes the air in a workplace contains hazardous dust, fumes, mists, gases, or harmful vapors. Many of us might not work with these types of chemicals, but for those who do, working without protection creates a risk of impairment to breathing, skin or eye infections, and other potentially severe injuries. To prevent this type of harmful exposure, employers must provide workers with the proper protective gear, including goggles and fitted face masks.
  • Exposure to Loud Noise: It might not seem like a big deal, but repeated exposure to loud noise can result in hearing damage that is both permanent and disabling. Since industrial deafness can lead to massive compensation payouts down the road, it is also in an employer’s best interest to take the proper safety measures and provide the necessary ear protection for employees.
  • Fights at Work: This problem might not be as common as the rest, but it is important to note that tense work environments can end up leading to physical confrontations. These types of encounters are absolutely unnecessary. Provide an appropriate outlet for employees to air their grievances, which can reduce the likelihood of animosity and hostility brewing into something more.

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Minor injuries at work are sometimes expected and quite common, but when an injury is more substantial or debilitating, you will need effective rehabilitation and care to help you achieve a full recovery. At QualCare Rehabilitation and Allied Medical Centers, our Houston work injury rehab center can help injured individuals by providing the high-quality treatment they need.

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