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Rehab Following Tommy John Surgery

Baseball season means players will likely be in need of ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) reconstruction, which is also known as Tommy John surgery. While this is generally common for baseball players, other athletes, such as football players, wrestlers, and gymnasts might also suffer from injuries that might require Tommy John Surgery.

Tommy John Surgery Rehab

Following Tommy John surgery, rehabilitation is key for a successful recovery, so athletes can resume their activities. Without proper rehabilitation, it is more likely to encounter complications.

Here are some of the benefits rehabilitation can provide, which makes it such a crucial aspect of your treatment:

  • Prevent the loss of elbow motion: This is perhaps the most common complication individuals experience after Tommy John surgery, particularly affecting one’s elbow extension. Given that the elbow does not provide a lot of empty space or room for error, surgery and scar tissue development in this area can sometimes lead to a loss of motion. How can you avoid this? Early rehabilitation with a skilled therapist who has experience with Tommy John rehab is the answer. He or she will know when to push and when to take it easy.
  • Address imbalances during the early phases: The first four to six weeks of the rehabilitation process will be focused on recovering after surgery and is intended to reduce pain, swelling, and restoration of motion. Later on, a physical therapist will focus on building strength, mobility, and stability, which will involve shoulder program exercises and the use of small dumbbells.

One should never skip or rush the process of rehabilitation after Tommy John surgery. Athletes might feel anxious to get back in the game, but resuming one’s normal activities before the UCL ligament is healed enough, or before a player is ready, can result in further or permanent damage. If an individual skips on treatment or the progression is out of sequence, there is a high risk for complications, so patience is key in the rehabilitation process.

Houston Physical Rehabilitation Center

If you recently underwent Tommy John surgery, the expert medical team at QualCare Rehabilitation can offer a customized approach to your treatment with a multi-disciplinary team approach that consists of experienced physicians, physical therapists, and chiropractors dedicated to aiding you on your path toward a full recovery. We have over 15 convenient locations throughout the Houston area and will gladly accept referrals from primary care providers, medical specialists, case managers, employers, and more.

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