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4 Ways to Reduce Hip Pain

Get Regular Exercise

If you have had a previous hip injury or suffer from hip pain for other reasons, avoiding high-impact workouts like running, lifting heavy weights, and some aerobics is key to preventing injury and exacerbated pain. However, avoidance of high-impact activities does not have to mean adopting a sedentary lifestyle.

In fact, depending on the root cause of your hip pain, remaining active and shedding some weight can actually make things better. Low-impact and non-impact workouts are a great way to stay moving, shed some weight, and build muscle without risking a new injury or worsened pain. Examples of helpful low- and non-impact workouts include:

  • Swimming and water aerobics
  • Yoga and Pilates
  • Cycling

Don’t Forget to Stretch

When you have preexisting pain or injury, preparing your body for exercise and physical activity is critical. Otherwise, you run the risk of aggravating your hip issue, rather than improving it. Also remember that stretches are intended to engage your muscles, not cause additional pain, so if stretching is painful, reevaluate your methods with a physician before proceeding.

Apply Ice and Heat

When you have experienced a hip injury or other hip problems, swelling and inflammation can cause a great deal of additional pain. These can be reduced by applying warmth to an inflamed joint or icing your hip for 15-20 minutes multiple times each day (but no more than 5 times daily).

Build Muscle in Your Core and Thighs

If you strengthen the muscles around your affected hip, you can decrease the amount of pain you experience. If your core muscles, thigh muscles, and other upper leg muscles are strengthened and engaged, you reduce the amount of pressure placed on your hip, therefore minimizing swelling, pressure, and pain. Remember that high-impact workouts may strengthen these muscles, but they may also cause damage. Stick with low-impact and non-impact workouts.

If you are experiencing a great deal of hip pain, let QualCare Rehabilitation be your Houston injury rehab center. We are committed to helping you create a recovery plan that works for you, and our team is here to support you as you move past your injury and pain.

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