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3 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Physical Therapy

People experience injuries on a daily basis, whether they were sustained in an auto, workplace, or sports accident. However, merely attending physical therapy because your doctor told you to won’t necessarily benefit you unless you’re prepared for what to expect. Here are 3 tips for dealing with physical rehabilitation that might help speed up your recovery and make treatments a little easier.

Learn to Describe the Pain

What might help your physical therapist before, during, and after the treatment is knowing precisely what pain you’re experiencing. While it might hurt a lot, in what way does it hurt? Stabbing pain is somewhat different from dull, aching pain. Severe pain also might be debilitating, so on a scale of 1 to 10, how bad is it? Thinking of this ahead of time will make it easier to answer questions and devote more time to doing various exercises with different equipment. Status reports should also be given to your therapist each session.

Do Your Exercises

Before you go home, your therapist might give you exercises to do at home to improve the strength and flexibility of the damaged area. It doesn’t matter how stupid you think you look; these activities will help you manage your pain and recover faster. However, you need actually to do them. If your therapist tells you to stretch a particular area 3 times a day for 3 minutes, you need to take 3 minutes out of your day to do just that.

Make Sure You Get the Same Therapist

Consistency is essential for physical therapy. Sticking with 1 therapist throughout your treatment will allow that physician to see your progress. Likewise, a new person might try and do therapy exercises with you your old therapist already tried and found unhelpful. You might also be more comfortable trusting your care to someone with whom you are more familiar.

If you were injured and require physical therapy treatments, let our skilled Houston injury rehab center physicians help. QualCare Rehabilitation offers an accredited and multi-disciplinary team approach involving physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, and other medical experts dedicated to your physical rehabilitation. Let us take a look at your case and offer a tailored treatment designed to meet your individual needs.

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