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My Car Isn't Damaged, But Could I Be Injured?

Ever watch a stock car race on television and witness a devastating crash, then see the driver walk away virtually unharmed? That is because one of the many safety measures in these vehicles is the energy absorption capabilities when the car is crushed. So if the car absorbs all the energy after being crushed, then the occupant often does not.

If a car does not crush during impact, then most of the force upon collision is transferred into the occupant. In fact, more energy is transferred into the occupant due to the springs and cushions of the seat, creating a slingshot effect and launching the occupant forward. Injuries can occur this way since the seat belt and shoulder harness clinches down on the occupant as he or she moves forward, often resulting in whiplash.

The following are the common risk factors that increase the likelihood of injury:

  • Rear impact crashes are the most likely type of collision that results in injury
  • Females are 50% more likely to suffer injuries in a car accident compared to males
  • Lack of awareness of the impending accident can lead to more severe injuries
  • Having your head or body turned upon impact
  • Having poor head restraint geometry

In conclusion, do not base the extent of your injuries compared to the damage to the vehicle. The opposite is, in fact, true, supported by both physics and literature.

If you or a loved one are involved in a crash with little or no damage to the vehicle, don’t assume everyone is uninjured. Some injuries take time to develop, even days or weeks after the collision occurred.

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