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Why You Need to See a Doctor ASAP After a Car Accident

After car accidents, people have adrenaline rushing through their system that naturally suppresses their ability to feel pain. In many cases, people can walk away from car accidents feeling totally unscathed. However, as our Houston car accident doctors have found, this is rarely the case.

More often than not, car accident victims likely have minor soft tissue damage or head injuries—even if they don’t “feel” injured. The combination of adrenaline and the unpredictable nature of these injuries make it difficult to self-diagnose. What might be a minor ache or pain could be a serious tendon injury hours away from severe pain. What feels like a headache could result in cognitive issues for months.

Why QualCare Rehabilitation Encourages Walk-Ins

Most car accident injuries have a window of time where immediate treatment pays dividends months and years down the line. The faster you seek treatment, the more likely that you’ll fully recover from your injuries and avoid long-term pain or damage. Even one week of walking around on a torn ligament or tendon could cause additional damage and hurt your mobility as you age.

Ligaments do not naturally heal correctly—like bones, they need to be manipulated and corrected in order to heal fully. You wouldn’t hobble around on a broken leg. Don’t do the same for a sprained joint or a strained muscle.

Wrist and ankle sprains, whiplash, concussions, and similar injuries can inhibit your ability to move and think. They deserve immediate action, yet patients often ignore their own pain because they believe their car or to-do lists are more pressing. Rather than “power through” your pain or focusing on less-important tasks (yes, your insurance claim is less important), go to a car accident clinic.

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