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The Most Ignored Post-Car Accident Injuries

People who don’t feel pain after a car accident might be too preoccupied with their car or insurance claims to visit a doctor. At QualCare Rehabilitation, our Houston car accident clinic knows nothing could be worse for you. Injuries after an accident often don’t manifest immediately, leaving you injured while you try to juggle your insurance company, your mechanic, and your daily life.

In our experience, the most commonly ignored injuries are concussions and soft tissue injuries. If you’ve been in a car accident, it’s vital that you understand these injuries—and why you need to treat them as quickly as possible.

Why People Ignore Concussions

Concussions are head injuries resulting from the brain impacting the inside of the skull. Concussions are also known as traumatic brain injuries and are being taken far more seriously by the medical community. For years, medical studies and experts have cited the risks posed by untreated TBIs, including memory loss, altered mood, decreased ability to focus, frequent confusion, and impaired cognitive function.

The symptoms of a concussion include confusion, headaches, and a decreased ability to focus. Even if you do not experience these symptoms, head injuries need to be taken seriously if you’ve been in an accident. Even minor head impact ought to be investigated by a doctor shortly after a car accident.

Why People Ignore Muscle Aches & Stiffness

Soft tissue damage is a general term for any damage to your muscles, ligaments, and tendons. The most common form of soft tissue damage is a joint sprain and muscle strain. Blunt force trauma also causes serious problems for muscle tissue, such as muscle tears—even nerve damage sydromes, like sciatica.

What all of these injuries have in common is they inhibit your mobility.

Soft tissue damage can take 1-2 hours to manifest—other injuries take 48 hours. Experiencing little to no joint pain after an accident does not mean you're unharmed. Be sure to contact a specialist as soon as possible. Our car accident clinic in Houston specializes in treating soft tissue damage and protecting your long-term mobility.

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