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The Mental Trauma of Car Accidents

Not only do car accidents result in physical injuries – such as whiplash, muscle pain, and even broken bones – but also mental scars as well.

Many motorists are not aware of how damaging a car accident can be to their psychology and mental well-being. A serious accident can be very traumatizing, resulting in life-altering circumstances that require constant medical attention.

The following are common mental health problems associated with car accidents:

  • Anxiety – Those who have sustained injuries after a car accident may suffer anxiety while driving and riding in a car. Anxiety can make it difficult for an accident victim to drive after their accident and may need time to recover. Symptoms of anxiety include nervousness, physical discomfort, and high amounts of stress.
  • Phobias – Symptoms of anxiety can result in phobias, which are defined as irrational fears. Phobias can make it hard for drivers to regain their normal life, especially if their ability to drive affects how they live.
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – This is a severe and debilitating form of anxiety that affects many car accident victims, especially those who were involved in serious or violent incidents. While the symptoms of PTSD may resemble those of anxiety initially, they are often much more severe and difficult to overcome. One common occurrence is when a victim “re-experiences” the accident, having vivid flashbacks and memories of the car crash while driving or doing something that reminds them of the incident.

What Can Be Done about Mental Injuries

If you suffer from any one of these mental health conditions, you must obtain the proper mental evaluation and undergo treatment. Remember, it is normal to feel stress and anxiety after the accident at first, but if you are still feeling anxious while driving or riding in a car or still have vivid flashbacks of the accident long after it took place, professional help might be necessary.

While there is no simple cure for mental trauma, seeking treatment with a mental health professional can ensure that there is a unique and effective plan in place that suits your needs and lifestyle. Common treatments for post-accident trauma include medication and anxiety management exercises.

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