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Myths about Car Accident Injuries

No matter how minor or severe an injury may appear after a car accident, it is always important to seek immediate medical attention. You must understand that not all injuries show symptom right away. Furthermore, waiting too long to receive medical treatment typically leads to reduced insurance coverage or none whatsoever.

The following are the most popular myths about car accident injuries:

  • If you can’t see the injury, then there isn’t one. People – as well as insurance companies – often assume that if someone is not visibly harmed from a car collision, then they must be faking the injury to collect insurance money. However, musculoskeletal and neurological pain after a car accident is a common experience.
  • Since there is no severe damage to the motor vehicle, then no serious injuries occurred. Many people believe that car accident injuries are in direct proportion to the damage caused. If you suffered a neck injury after being involved in only a minor fender bender, be prepared for the other party or the insurance adjuster to claim that you are committing fraud. The truth is that soft tissue damage, such as whiplash or neck pain, often happens in minor vehicle collisions.
  • If you don’t feel immediate pain, then you are not injured from the collision. Typically after a serious accident, most people will feel pain from their injuries immediately. However, there are some occasions when adrenaline kicks in, causing an individual to not notice their injury instantly. There are injuries that may take days, weeks, or even months to show any symptoms.

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