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How to Survive Sitting at Your Desk Job

Many Americans struggle with back pain from sitting at their desk jobs. While a desk job may not be physically taxing, improper posture and desk set up can cause you severe pain. In this blog, our Houston chiropractor discusses tips and tricks you can use to prevent back and neck pain caused by sitting all day.

Design a Workspace that Works for You

In a 2014 study of work-related injury claims, over 32% of all workers compensation claims were musculoskeletal problems ranging from muscle strain to carpal tunnel. Many Americans spend at least 8 hours a day hunched over at desks with monitors placed too low, or chairs set too high causing them to strain back and shoulder muscles.

Begin your workstation renovation by placing your office chair at the proper height. You should be able to type without scrunching up your shoulders. Your chair should allow your shoulders to be relaxed, and your arms parallel to the ground.

Next, make sure your monitors are at the correct height. Make sure you’re not always looking down or up at your monitors. If you are sitting straight up in your chair, your gaze should focus right in the center of your screen without you tilting your neck at all.

Choose A Comfortable Chair

There is nothing worse than being forced to sit in an uncomfortable chair. You may try to focus on work, but get quickly distracted by a small pain in your lower back or shoulders. If you are working in an office with an uncomfortable chair, ask if there is another chair you could use. If not, consider investing in one for yourself. The two most important features you want in a great office chair are 1) adjustable height and 2) lower back support.

Taking Breaks

Studies show that sitting in one position for a prolonged period can cause damage to your spine. If you don’t’ have access to a standing desk at work, consider taking a short lap around the office or even a quick stretch every 20 minutes.

Experiencing Back or Neck Pain?

If you are experiencing neck pain, lower back pain or strains, scheduling a chiropractic session with a Houston chiropractor could help alleviate your symptoms. Chiropractic treatments are a non-surgical, non-invasive method used to treat many work-related musculoskeletal problems. At Allied Medical Center, we are committed to helping you recover as soon as possible.

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