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Treating Whiplash With Physical Therapy

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries people face after a car accident. Whip lash occurs when your head is over extended backward and then forward violently causing the ligaments and tendons injury.

Symptoms of whiplash include:

  • Severe to Moderate Neck Pain
  • Reduced Neck Motion
  • Inflammation
  • Pain and Weakness in Shoulders and Arms
  • Dizziness

Once your doctor clears you for physical therapy, contact your local Houston rehabilitation center to make an appointment with a physical therapist.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

When you meet with your physical therapist, they assess your physical condition and create a personalized treatment regime focused on improving your mobility, reduce your pain, and bring down any inflammation.

Treatments for Whiplash

  • Massage – After suffering a whiplash injury, your muscles can tense up. Whiplash can cause severe to moderate neck pain and reduce motion. By applying direct pressure to your affected areas through massage, your therapist releases the tension in your ligaments, tendons, and muscles which will help you heal faster.
  • Hot Therapy – Heat therapy increases blood flow, which brings more oxygen and nutrients to the areas. Blood flow also washes area any waste created by muscle spasms.
  • Cold Therapy – Cold therapy is used to decrease circulation and reduce inflammation and pain.
  • Chiropractic Adjustments – these adjustments are noninvasive and work to help alleviate pain and muscle spasm.
  • Exercise – Your physical therapist will work with you to develop an exercise plan that will build your strength and increase your range of motion.

If you are suffering from the chronic pain as a result of a recent car accident, let the qualified physical therapists of the Houston rehabilitation center help alleviate your pain.

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