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Physical Therapy for Pregnant Women

Forty years ago, the average woman having a child was the median age of 25 years old. With today’s women juggling the demands of higher education and stressful full-time careers, many women choose to wait until after 35 to have children. At this age, many women’s bodies are not as physically active as they were, leaving them ill-prepared for the strenuous task of carrying and delivering a child. Many women suffer from moderate to severe back pain as during pregnancy. Back pain occurs from the following symptoms of pregnancy:

  • Weight Gain
  • Change in Center of Gravity
  • Decline in Posture
  • Increased Hormones
  • Stress

Houston Physical Therapy Relieves Back Pain

Women looking for ways to cope with pain during their pregnancy will be happy to know physical therapy programs can be designed around their needs. Your physical therapist can help address any posture problems causing you addition pain during the day as well as teach you stretches to increase your mobility.

Lower back pain is common amongst expecting mothers. As the baby grows, the center of gravity is thrust forward forcing the muscles to strain and shift to support the new weight. Over time, many women begin to hunch over or waddle due to muscle tightness.

Our programs focus on improving:

  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Posture

Physical therapy will help assist with the delivery of the baby as well. Your physical therapist can pinpoint the muscles used during childbirth and develop a strength training plan based on your needs.

If you are pregnant and experiencing severe to moderate back, neck, and shoulder pains, you’re not alone. Our doctors have extensive experience helping patients relieve their pains through physical therapy sessions.Contact (713) 588-0042 to speak with a qualified physical therapist today.