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Over 30 million Americans suffer from back pain—that’s nearly 1 in 10! Part of the reason is that “back pain” is not a specific condition so much as a broad descriptor. Back pain can be caused by herniated discs, fractured vertebrae, blunt force trauma, soft tissue damage, and poor posture. While each of these conditions have a specific solution, many people suffer from chronic back pain because they didn’t treat an acute injury quickly enough.

As high-impact collisions, car accidents are the reason behind many people’s acute or chronic back pain. Thorough and comprehensive back treatment is vital to a healthy, mobile, and pain-free life. That’s why we urge passengers to contact our Houston car accident clinic as soon as possible if they are wondering what to do after an accident. We have a team of back injury specialists, allowing patients to receive highly customized treatment for their injuries.

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, don’t delay treatment. Call (713) 588-0042 or contact us with our simple online form.

The Different Types of Back Pain

Like we mentioned, back pain is a broad descriptor, which means different problems require different solutions. Massage therapy alone will not solve a muscle imbalance or posture issue, and taking Advil won’t solve tightened or poorly-healed muscle.

For car accidents, back pain often results from:

  • Soft-tissue damage (often from strain or blunt force trauma)
  • Herniated discs (when the cushions between vertebrae become displaced)
  • Damaged/cracked vertebrae

In addition, herniated discs can cause pinched nerves in your back, which leads to chronic pain if left uncorrected. Many people walk away from a car accident with compounded back pain, with new pain added on top of their existing back problems. If you had chronic back pain before your accident, it is especially vital that you seek treatment as soon as possible. Allowing a compounded back injury to heal incorrectly may result in increased chronic pain and poor mobility years down the line. You deserve a mobile, painless, and healthy future.

Our car accident doctors specialize in the back injuries that result from collisions. The goal of our clinic is to ensure that you heal quickly and completely from your back injuries—even the ones that existed prior to your accident. Contact us at (713) 588-0042 today.

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